Simple Paperless Office Solutions

Save up to 48% of your office space by implementing a paperless office environment! Our integrated solutions combined with our document management software can help you eliminate clutter, organise file archives and maintain a more streamlined production.

Why should you become a Paperless Office?

It is easy to become comfortable with a paper system in an office if that is what you are used to. However, the truth is, there are multiple benefits when transitioning to a computer system.

A major bonus for going paperless is the amount of money that you can save. Printing alone can cost up to 3% of your revenue, plus, paper, filing, shipping and more. Additionally, paper is cumbersome. Lost documents and time spent searching through filing cabinets is unnecessary for businesses in today’s technological world.

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What does it mean to go Paperless?

For years, paper documents were a key part of an office environment. However, nowadays modern businesses realise that paper is not a necessity. With help from Network Office, you can transfer your paper files to online and computer systems. Read on to discover the many different reasons why paperless is the future of business.