Managed VoIP Solutions

We offer cloud-based solutions for VoIP services to allow your business to keep in touch internally and easily conduct meetings. Network Office Sunshine Coast offers solutions to help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of communications.

VoIP solutions are easy to use, and allow you to quickly share data and ideas. With limitless connection capabilities, VoIP solutions are a necessity for all modern businesses.


Why Choose Cloud VoIP for your business?

Far from just phone calls, VoIP can provide your business with video conferences, CRM, instant messaging and more. These are all supported by your VoIP provider and connected through the cloud.

At Network Office, we know that streamlining your business is step towards further profitability. With Cloud VoIP, you will connect all your telecommunications through one channel, helping your business run smoothly.

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What is Cloud VoIP?

Cloud VoIP is the modern-day phone and connectivity system that businesses around the world are all turning to. More effective and affordable than analogue PBX, Cloud VoIP runs via your internet connection.

Additionally, it is hosted from your VoIP providers data centre, rather than at your business’ location. This way, there are no costly installations and you can connect your VoIP desk phone directly to your internet connection.