Print Audit to save you time and money

Network Office helps you gain data on your true costs of printing with a personalised print audit in Sunshine Coast. Work one-on-one with your Network Office specialist to gather, analyse and create a printing solutions plan that keeps you within budget and real-time usage.


Why choose our Print Auditing for your business?

Do you find that your printing costs are more than you are happy with? Do you have large printing equipment cluttering your office space? Do not fear, Network Office are here to analyse your printing system.

With a print audit, our experts can advise you on what your business will need to cut costs and to declutter your office space. You can also expect your business to become more environmentally friendly.

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What is a Print Auditing?

Print Auditing is a service that provides you with clarity regarding your printing efficiency. We aim to help your business save time and money by analysing your current printing system and improving it.

You will work with one of our expert technicians to gather all the information needed to clearly see how efficient your system is. Once all the data is analysed, we can work with you to streamline your print.