Secure Printing

We understand that document security is of the highest priority to any business! We can help you reduce unauthorised file access with high-level secure printing solutions.

Why choose Secure Printing for your business?

It is important to protect your confidential files from unauthorised members of staff. Your customers may have sensitive information that you are printing and it is your responsibility to keep it safe and secure.

Some offices have one printer code; however, this can be insufficient due to multiple staff files printing at once. Trust Network Office to set up your individual PIN codes and keep your client’s information confidential.

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What is Secure Printing?

Security is at the top of most businesses lists. Most people think of antivirus software and firewalls when it comes to confidentiality on computers but there is more. Printing can be a security flaw if not looked after correctly. Secure printing essentially consists of protecting your documents and files from unauthorised eyes.

It is also to stop confidential files from getting caught up with another batch of printing. We do this by giving employees a printing code or ID card which identifies them. This way, their printing is never caught with other members of staff.