Where do we operate?

We are based in South East Qld, but have reach across Australia through our partner network.

Do you support all Brands?

Yes we do, we can source consumables and parts for almost every make and model.

What is CPC?

Cost Per Print refers to the cost including consumables, parts and labor broken down to a manageable Cost Per Print. This allows you to work out how much it will cost everytime you press “PRINT”

What is MPS?

Managed Print Services is just like a CPC but can also include the cost of the hardware broken down into a cost per print basis.

At what level does it benefit to be in a CPC or MPS arrangement?

Generally speaking if your cost for printing and copying exceeds $50 per month it would be worth speaking to one of our consultants. This cost can include : Toner, Ink, Consumables,Drum Units, Imaging Units, Transfer Units, Fuser Units, Maintenance Kits etc.

What can I expect to save by choosing Network Office?

We generally save our clients approx. 20% on their printing costs, this can lead to Thousands of dollars every year. We also make advancements that can save our clients a lot of time, which we can agree will save them Thousands of Dollars also.

Do you do smaller devices also?

Yes We do, We cater from the humble Black & White Printer, to the large Production Printing Press. From Home Office to Large Corporate. The Concept is the same but the equipment is fitted to individual needs.

Can Network Office pay out my current contract?

Yes We Can. We do this on a daily basis. In most cases we can settle your current contract and still save you 20% on your current cost.

Does Network Office supply to Government & Education Departments?

Yes we do. We are GITC Certified Supplier and we stand by our products.

Can I just buy a toner?

Sure thing. Just send your make and model and request a price.