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PBX Sunshine Coast Solutions to stay connected with staff and clients. From call routing to conference calling, we enhance your business’s communications to improve efficiency.

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What is PBX?

PBX phone systems offer businesses important features that mobiles and residential landlines do not. This may include functions such as:

  • Individual extensions
  • Auto attendants
  • Multiple outbound and inbound calls
  • Call routing
  • Conference calling
  • Cloud PBX

Of course, this includes simple making and taking calls; however, these additional features are vital to the professionalism and functionality of a modern business.

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Streamline your business with PBX Sunshine Coast

At Network Office, we boast an experienced and friendly team who are ready to source, install and setup your PBX phone system in Sunshine Coast. We are happy to answer any of your questions regarding our phone systems and will ensure that the installation process has minimal impact on the day to day running of your business.

Our team have over 30 years of combined industry experience. With this level of knowledge, trust our PBX experts to set up your phone system seamlessly and improve your business today! Additionally, our professional team provide other premium telecommunication aids such as SIP phones, VoIP and business phones.

Make communication easier with Cloud PBX Sunshine Coast

Network Office offers Cloud PBX in Sunshine Coast to seamlessly and automatically answer calls and route them to the right extension. Cloud PBX works in the same way as traditional PBX systems, just through the internet.

Our cloud-based PBX systems are hosted in remote data centres, keeping them secure and delivered to you via the cloud. It offers the same quality of call routing and communication management as the traditional counterpart and is ideal for small and large businesses alike.

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Get together with Sunshine Coast’s favourite PBX providers

Network Office offers PBX phone systems throughout the Sunshine Coast region. Our team understand how important connectivity is to your business. With PBX, we aim to help your business to enhance its communication internally and externally. Additionally, we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of business and technology solutions for fair and affordable prices.

Product Sourcing

Our team source the latest PBX phones systems in order to meet all of your business communication needs. Our reliable hardware allows your staff to communicate seamlessly, internally and externally.


At Network Office, we believe that you should not have to put up with constant disruption to your workflow. This is why when you choose us for your PBX phone system, our team will setup quickly and with minimal disruption to your daily working routine.


There is nothing more frustrating than technical issues, especially when you need to communicate to clients. At Network Office, if you have trouble with your PBX phone system, we are one phone call away.